sofie de moor
commercial development manager, europe

What is your current role? How long have you worked for Monument? 

I’ve been a Commercial Development Manager for our site in Antwerp, Belgium since I joined Monument in May 2014. Before Monument, I worked in a university as a researcher, and this technical background definitely helps me serve as a liaison between our customers and our technical teams. A big part of my role is learning more about customer needs – and then sharing that information with Monument cross-functional Development Team to translate those needs into realities.

I love our team atmosphere at Monument – particularly our “can-do” spirit. You don’t hear “no” very much around here, and that’s definitely something customers appreciate. And while it’s true that we can’t always “get to yes” 100% of the time, our aim is always to get as close as possible – as often as possible.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

Because of the nature of my role, I have daily opportunities to collaborate with a diverse mix of people – both internally and externally. To help keep projects moving, I work with Monument team members in Supply Chain, R&D, Operations, Quality Assurance/Control and Customer Service. And the same is true in my work with customers, as I get to meet their team members in a range of functions to better understand needs. It’s truly a social role!

For me, it’s a privilege to help bring all the pieces together. Everyone on the Monument team has a different piece of the puzzle, and I enjoy gathering all of those pieces, so that I can share the full story with our customers – helping them to see the total package of what we offer.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love playing tennis – a passion of mine for over 18 years. I participate in various competitions in Belgium on a team of five women. The competition matches include both singles and doubles, and the team with the most points at the end wins. I appreciate the opportunity to both work as a team and shine on my own. And I enjoy tennis in general because it combines physical endurance and skill (which keeps me physically fit) with challenging tactics (which keeps me mentally sharp).

I also have a two-year-old daughter, and she keeps me physically and mentally fit as well! She’s always on the move. I’ve learned that it doesn’t really matter how we spend time together – whether we’re on a walk or just playing at home – she finds joy in just about everything.

What is the most surprising thing about you?

When I started working at Monument, I was still a singer in a rock band. I’ve been singing since I was a young girl in a choir, and I happened to marry a man who is a drummer – so we started a band together and performed in many different venues.

My “rock star” life is on hold at the moment, because I wanted more time to focus on my daughter and on my tennis competitions – but I hope to find myself back on stage one day. I love the energy of a crowd – especially when they are hearing (and liking!) a song the band wrote for the first time. As performers, we feed off that energy; it can be quite addictive!