People have personalities, and so do companies. Ours is team-oriented, open-minded,
friendly, and tenacious.

The chemical industry has plenty of big companies. Working for a family-owned business like ours is quite different in this industry – and this distinction offers our team members many advantages.


a shared future

A Shared Future

Our owners invest in the business to make it better for the long haul for customers and employees alike.

a direct impact

A Direct Impact

We’ve been called tenacious and “go-getters” – and that’s because we all understand the unique role we have in making a real difference for our customers.

tangible values

Tangible Values

Our core commitments to integrity, trustworthiness, and accountability aren’t aspirational; we live them in how we interact with each other and deliver results every day.

a collaborative team

A Collaborative Team

There’s no bureaucracy here, and we don’t have to jump through a dozen hoops before we get moving on a great project. We work together – with each other and our customers – to pave the way toward results once considered “impossible.”

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At Monument, you’ll find careers in a number of engineering and skilled trades roles and disciplines. Working together like a family, our teams drive continual improvement in quality, cost, lead time, flexibility, and customer service. Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, we offer a diverse range of opportunities where you will be challenged and encouraged to grow.

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   Spotlight on... Sofie de moor!

I’ve been a Commercial Development Manager for our site in Antwerp, Belgium since I joined Monument in May 2014. Before Monument, I worked in a university as a researcher, and this technical background definitely helps me serve as a liaison between our customers and our technical teams. A big part of my role is learning more about customer needs – and then sharing that information with Monument cross-functional Development Team to translate those needs into realities.

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