A Message from Our CEO  

Paul RaymondOur commitment to safety, the environment, and product stewardship is more than just a series of policies and programs. These commitments live at the core of our culture and guide every decision that we make. By working together with integrity, we constantly strive to create a safe, incident-free workplace every day, everywhere. Integrity Matters.

We have definitely achieved many key Health, Environment, and Safety (HSE) milestones – all worth celebrating – but we never forget that these commitments are a continuous journey. Whether we are starting a new project, enhancing an existing process, or even choosing a new supplier, we keep these commitments at the forefront of every action. We don’t cut corners, and we work collaboratively with each other, our partners, and our customers to set even higher standards. 

Every one of our employees has a critical part to play, and we share a crystal-clear mindset to drive exceptional progress in how we deliver on our core commitments. Today. Tomorrow. And for our shared future.

Talk to us about your own sustainability vision. The more we share, the more we can achieve.

Paul Raymond
Monument Chemical