As a company, and as individuals, we are passionate about operating with responsibility and integrity.  This commitment means a constant focus on sustainable business practices – not only because sustainable growth is key to our own success, but also because, quite simply, it’s the right thing to do – for our customers, the industry as a whole, and the communities in which we operate.


We believe that there’s no conflict between operating profitably and environmental stewardship. As a matter of fact, we believe the two are actually becoming more and more reliant on each other. Businesses that take steps to reduce their environmental footprint are more efficient, have lower costs, and are less reliant on non-sustainable energy sources.

All of our facilities run active waste minimization programs, and we have taken significant steps to reduce our energy and water use, including onsite water treatment and reuse. At our Belgium site, for example, we are implementing a project to reuse heat as steam from a neighboring municipal waste incinerator.


No matter how many safety milestones we reach, we never lose sight of the fact that our safety journey will always be one of continuous improvement. Nothing we do comes before ensuring that everyone on our team goes home safely – each and every day. From small tweaks in our processes, to larger safety projects, to regular team meetings, to valuable employee suggestions, to informal safety conversations in the hall – we push further on this journey thanks to the commitment and efforts of everyone on the team.

We maintain strong partnerships with local Emergency Response teams, and all of our U.S. facilities have experienced zero OSHA recordable injuries for at least two years. And our Baytown site celebrates eight years this year!

  Community Outreach 

Part of being a good neighbor is supporting communities through local giving and outreach. Our grants focus on education for youth – particularly in the sciences – as well as support a wide range of community events and enrichment programs. Volunteerism is woven deeply into the fabric of our culture. From serving as science fair coaches and judges, to running successful food drives to combat hunger, to neighborhood cleanups, we encourage our employees to seek activities that match their interests.

Our Brandenburg, Kentucky facility hosts a Community Advisory Council (CAC), which fosters open lines of communication between the plant and the local community by offering a forum for a mutual exchange of ideas between representatives of the local community and the plant. The group engages in candid dialogue to develop a shared understanding of the interdependency of industry and community. The CAC also serves as a resource to industry and the community at large on topics such as health, occupational, and environmental issues.